Principal Director

Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar - Principal Director, Symbiosis Society

Message from Principal Director, Symbiosis - Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar

I am delighted to invite you to the official Web site of the Symbiosis International University. It is my wish that this medium will allow you a look into the world of the University. All the big and small successes you will find within the University are anchored in the Symbiosis Society, which was founded forty-three years ago by Padma Bhushan Dr. Mujumdar. At Symbiosis, we take great pride in the custodianship and the trust that the community has reposed in us.

The University stands proud as it weaves together the twin threads of excellence in education and international cooperation. The University’s institutional vision has remained adaptive and resilient, ever engaged with the emerging needs of the higher education community.

If I were asked to identify a common theme in all our endeavours at the University, I would be in no doubt that internationalization it is. At Symbiosis, we prepare our students to be ready to take on any challenge as they mature into members of the international workforce. The industry confirms, year after year, that our students are coveted members of the global labor marketplace. Our students also continue to excel as entrepreneurs and industry leaders in India and abroad. I find myself heartened to note that this excellence is mirrored in our international student community—so many members of which have made a name for themselves as political leaders, diplomats, and entrepreneurs in their home countries.

To us, internationalization is an institutional mission, for sure, but also more—it is the creed embedded all across the University. We are ever so proud to have on our grounds a very large international student population, from over eighty-five countries. This abiding tradition comes from our success in going all the way to make international students feel at home and at one with the mainstream student community.

The University stands at the leading edge of all the innovations that make an institution world-class. It offers the most progressive possibilities in academics and beyond that. The academic orientation is positively rigorous, particularly in the sense of being internationally-competitive. We take every care to ensure that the teaching-learning techniques, pedagogic practices, instructional technology, and academic mentoring incorporate the best practices in student satisfaction and engagement in higher education institutions. We apply the same exacting standards as we offer to our students a wide array of co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities and resources. The images on this medium can only go so far in giving you a sense that these amenities are nothing short of state-of-the-art.

I am confident that, as you peruse the University Web site, you will become more aware of the community-building initiatives at Symbiosis. The activities cover large amplitude: academic excellence, internationalization in education, philanthropy, to name some. However, the tie that binds these efforts together is that they are considered responses to requirements in the field of higher education, and the broader arena in which higher education plays itself out. It is this that explains our reach in matters as wide ranging as international relations, inter-cultural fraternity, civil society, and charity. You will see that none stands on its own, but leans on the other.

The idea of higher education as collective responsibility finds favour with us at the Symbiosis International University. On this note, I hope that you will consider the University favourably as you review your higher education goals.