UG Programmes - RULES

Admission Rules

Every student of this institute shall abide by the rules of this institute, which may be updated from time to time. Admissions are subject to eligibility clearance from the University and will be confirmed only after payment of prescribed fees. Admissions will be cancelled in case of:

  1. Not submitting the required documents in time. Submission of fake or incorrect documents
  2. Failing to fulfill required eligibility criteria of the respective programme
  3. Admissions sought by fraudulent means. Students carrying any backlog in the qualifying examination

For the subsequent years, students are required to register again as per the schedule declared from time to time by paying the prescribed fees for that year. In case of failure to pay the prescribed fees before the stipulated date a late fee of Rs. 200/- per week will be charged

Rules regarding payment of fees

The students are required to pay the fees on or before the stipulated date. Late payment of fees is allowed in genuine cases only. In such cases the student has to submit written application to the Director and, on approval, has to pay the fees with a fine of Rs. 200/- per week. After paying the fees and securing the admission if the student does not report to the SICSR office within a month from commencement of classes, his/her admission will stand cancelled and fees will be refunded as per the Refund Rules.

Refund Rules

A) If admission is cancelled before commencement of the academic programme, the institute will deduct Rs. 1000/- and refund the balance fees paid by the student

B) If admissions is cancelled after the commencement of the course

1. If the admission is cancelled after joining the programme and if the seat consequently falling vacant has been filled by another candidate by the last date of admission (i.e. one month from the date of commencement of the programme)

2. Deposit to be refunded in full.
3. Tuition Fees + Hostel & Mess fees

a. If annual fees are paid, then the Institute will deduct 1/12th of the fees paid & refund the balance amount.
b. If the fees are paid for 1st Term only, the Institute will deduct 1/6th of the fees paid & refund the balance amount.
Note: Examination fees are not refundable.

C) After one month of start of the programme

No Tuition Fees will be refunded

D) Non-fulfillment of eligibility criteria

Remaining amount of the fees be refunded after deducting,

a. 10% of the fees (excluding the deposit) will be deducted as administrative charges.
b. Proportionate fees for the period from admission date till cancellation date will also be deducted from the fees


Important Admission Rule

Last date for admission: All admissions will be closed after one month from the start of the programme. Admissions after this last date will be done only with the prior permission of the Vice-Chancellor.

No Capitation is charged for Admission to any Programme at any Institute of Symbiosis

Symbiosis prides itself as an institution, which does not believe in the practice of capitation fees as a policy. No donation or capitation fee is required to be paid for admission.