Sham Waghmare

MBA (IT) (2008-2010)
Director of Sales & Alliances at NutaNXT Technologies

SICSR was truly the platform that created the foundation of a successful technology career for me and many others. It offered an unparalleled combination of technology and business curriculum which allowed the student body to learn and evolve the ideas of the business of technology. This enabled many of us to evolve into future technology leaders holding key positions in a multitude of top-tier MNC’s, unicorn startups and exciting technology companies. I attribute lof of my success to my beloved alma mater -THE SICSR, The trusting and caring faculty members & support staff, and most importantly my student peers my batchmates, my seniors and juniors as well. I wish all those current & future students who are going to start their management journeys at SICSR, an abundance of success and goodwill.

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