Programme Educational Objectives

Symbiosis International University



  • The BCA program will provide knowledge in the field of computer applications. This program will highlight on recent trends and technology in the areas of web design, mobile technology, big data analytics and networking.
  • This program will focus on improving students learning ability to identify, formulate and analyse complex problems.
  • The students will learn multidisciplinary courses and work effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams.
  • The program will help students to demonstrate the critical thinking and communication skills required.
  • The program will help students to develop professional skills that prepare them for immediate employment or for learning in advanced areas of computer science and related fields.

BCA / BCA (Honours)

  • BCA (Honours) offers the necessary skills for professionals heading for a career in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, or Data security.
  • The programme inculcates in students, the ability to analyse data and build smart solutions.
  • BCA (Honours) graduates will also have the ability to design and deploy secure systems.
  • Students of the programme will not only be technically competent but will also have the capability to communicate with their prospective clients effectively.


  • Provide strong conceptual foundation in the field of IT and Management.
  • Develop critical thinking, communication skills and analytical skills.
  • Apply IT Technologies for business processes.
  • Develop an understanding of social and ethical concerns of business.

MSc (CA)

  • To engage graduates in research and industry oriented applications by strengthening their technical and application skills in analysis, development.
  • To encourage graduates to administer the network and storage for real life scenarios to establish and enhance troubleshooting skills. Imparting training in latest technologies.
  • To augment and intensify mathematical and analytical skills to generate new graduates to satisfy Data Science industry requirements. Building team leadership qualities and management skills.
  • To advance and polish critical thinking in graduates for software analysis and design, project management, quality assurance and their implementation.
  • Graduates are promoted to build and maintain their ability to understand and apply current trends in industry.


  • To prepare students for delivering IT based software solution.
  • To work as a business analyst, domain analyst, quality analyst.
  • Imparting training in latest technologies.
  • Exposure to the best IT enabled business practices.
  • Building team leadership qualities and management skills.


  • To ensure students learning for logical and practical approach to problem solving.
  • To understand social and global context with respect to digital transformation.
  • To enhance leadership skills in students.
  • To make student understand the multicultural and multidisciplinary industry environment.
  • To understand the managerial solution for academic and industry world.
  • To understand various technology trends with respect to digital transformations.
Caution Notice