Programme Outcomes

Symbiosis International University



  • BCA offers the prequalification for professionals heading for smart career in the IT field, which measures up to international standards.
  • This program provides ability to analyze, design and code the software systems.
  • An ability to understand the concepts of logic development, best software practices used in industry.
  • An ability to understand and apply knowledge of content management system, mobile computing, computer game designing and cloud in the field of software development

BCA (Honours)

  • BCA (Honours) offers the necessary skills for professionals heading for a career in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, or Data security.
  • The programme inculcates in students, the ability to analyse data and build smart solutions.
  • BCA (Honours) graduates will also have the ability to design and deploy secure systems.
  • Students of the programme will not only be technically competent but will also have the capability to communicate with their prospective clients effectively.


  • To build strong foundation for IT, management and commerce concepts.
  • To gain knowledge and build skills on tools and techniques for qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • To build skills to develop IT applications for businesses processes by applying software development life cycle.
  • To develop the analytical and communication skills along with creative thinking to  provide the techno-management solutions for the problems in business, social and  government sectors.
  • To build an entrepreneurial mind-set.

MSc (CA)

  • Proficiency to analyse research problems and respective solutions methodologies.
  • Proficiency to present and communicate productively for their observations.
  • Proficiency to understand the industry needs for a particular course.
  • Proficiency to build the intelligence towards system administration skills and various scenarios.
  • Proficiency to apply knowledge of mathematics and analytical skills in Data Science discipline.
  • Proficiency in identifying the patterns and trends hidden in large data sets.
  • Graduates are able to break, design, develop, document and test the developed code w.r.t. current requirements.
  • Proficiency in maintaining software delivery deadlines according to project management.


  • Application Programmer: Using latest methodologies, development tools, languages.
  • Business Analyst: Business development, Pre-sales, Selection & Implementation of software solutions.
  • Quality Analyst: Implementation of enterprise level quality models, design / implementation of software development processes, testing and technical documentation.
  • Data Analyst and Imparting training in latest technologies.
  • Exposure to best business practices and project management.
  • Building team leadership qualities and management skills.


  • To prepare leaders and drive digital transformation initiatives for the business.
  • To understand best operational and strategic management technology drivers for the business processes.
  • To enable business transformation initiatives by understanding applications of leading technologies including AI, Cloud, Business Intelligence, and Data visualization for the organizations.
  • To understand, Analyse and design digital business models.
  • To understand various processes in smart industry and e governance.
  • To solve complex business problems and to develop leadership skills to handle business environment.
  • To make students understand the impact of Managerial solutions in global, economic, societal and business environments.
Caution Notice