Shriya Menon

BBA (IT) (2015-2018)

Tech, Del & Ops Excellence Analyst at Accenture Middle East

SICSR would be
only bricks & walls if not for it’s incredible professors, office boys and other helpers.
In 2015, I walked in as an average, naive NRI girl who din’t speak the national language enough to
communicate with her batch mates but to my surprise, by 2018, I walked out as a highly organised
team player with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and a strong leader with an
attitude to accept challenges and learn more everyday.
Participating & hosting the inter college cultural fest during my first year, gave me a platform to
interact with my peers which led me to accept a unique opportunity given to me by SICSR along
with SCIE that tested my decision making skills and leadership abilities. During my second year, I
served as the International Student’s Council Vice President where I led a team of 14 international
students from around the globe to organise events, mentor Japan students from Ritsumeikan
University, Japan & council international students who studied in other colleges in Pune. My
greatest take home from my final year was time management, self initiative & discipline when I was
faced with the biggest challenge of designing an iOS app for my final dissertation project.
I am currently pursuing my CFA from PwC’s Academy, Dubai where I reside. Throughout my 3
years at SICSR as a BBA IT student, I never understood the need to learn Statistics, Operations
Research, Portfolio Management, Business Studies, Mergers & Acquisitions or Accounts but little
did I know that this course isn’t structured for a particular job or degree. It is structured to prepare
you for any job or degree you might want to pursue ahead. Today, I stand as an ambassador of
Symbiosis with a strong passion for finance plus the added knowledge & skills of developing iOS
apps and website building. Thank you SICSR for the exposure, experience & friends who I now call

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